What exactly is the best Barbarian build in the Diablo 4 server slam?

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This article covers some of the basics of Diablo 4 Server Slam, some of the rewards, and what the best build for Barbarian is and why it's the best build.

As we all know, before Diablo 4 is officially launched, we will usher in the last test - The Diablo 4 Server Slam. This makes the players very happy, and they can get a better understanding of Diablo 4 before the official version goes online. There will also be rewards in Server Slam, if you reach level 20 and defeat Ashava before Server Slam ends, you'll get a trophy in the form of an Ashava mount and a unique draw.

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But this is not an easy challenge, in the previous beta test you can reach up to level 25, but in Server Slam you can only reach up to level 20, and since you can only fight Ashava alone, you use The loadout should also be different from the loadout you normally use.

If you don't know which loadout to use, I can give you some advice, so I asked top Diablo 4 player Ryan 'Raxxanterax'. He told me the best Barbarian build. Raxx's advice is not only Combining his experience of playing Diablo for so many years, he also combined the balance and enhancement in the Diablo 4 Server Slam patch notes officially provided by Blizzard, although this description is ambiguous. Raxx also recommends that you can adjust the difficulty of the game. to difficult words.

These suggestions come from top Diablo 4 player Ryan 'Raxxanterax' and are designed to work without relying on any particular legendary power, as Blizzard is removing the accelerated drop rate from a previous beta in order to better Find out how quickly you can get your gear in the final race. Raxx reminded players that if they encounter difficulties, they can reduce the difficulty at any time.

The Barbarian's strongest strength lies in his various shouts, so the best Barbarian builds should focus on these areas. The best first choice is Flay, because Flay can make Ashava take more damage. Choose Upheaval instead of Rend and Vulnerability because Upheaval gives you huge multipliers for your damage. Lastly is Leap, which gives you high mobility and also spawns Fury.

Raxx said - You'll want to bring Challenge Cry, Rally Cry, and Battle Cry all because these three are very useful and powerful, and can help you do a lot of things, and help your teammates, if you can Adding Booming Voice and Raid Leader to your build will make your build more powerful. You can not only survive in battle, but also strengthen the survivability of your teammates.

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