Lionel Messi may not renew his contract with Paris

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Lionel Messi may not renew his contract with Paris


Paris Saint-Germain suffered another setback in their match against bottom-placed Rennes. Instead of greeting the home fans after the game, Messi returned to the dressing room with his shirt in disappointment. Lionel Messi drakt

Paris Saint-Germain's defensive problems are becoming more and more apparent, but coach Galti seems to have ignored them on numerous occasions. Although the importance of the MMN duo in the team is recognised, the team relies on them too much and when they are out of form, the team is prone to losing games.

In a game where Neymar remained absent, Messi played a supporting role on the field, while Mbappe was clearly in poor form. Verratti completed one good pass while Messi completed two, but the team failed to score. The defenders were poor and were unable to keep the ball and had to watch the opponents' goals.

After the match, Messi showed a loss of emotion. Part of the reason why he was so unhappy was the result of the game and part of the reason why the fans in the ground booed him every time he took the ball, probably because he had not yet announced whether he would renew his contract. Obviously, these noises affected Messi and made him upset. This incident is also reminiscent of the previous booing and attacks from fans when Crosby was at Manchester United.Paris Saint Germain PSG drakt

After this incident, the odds are that Messi will not want to wear a Paris Saint-Germain shirt again and his disappointment is very evident. It is frustrating that the fans can't seem to understand this, despite the fact that players get older and their physical capabilities decline.