'Prodigy' is a kid-friendly Star Trek show that gets the right lessons from Star Wars.

While Star Trek certainly has its share of young fans


While Star Trek has its share of slot fans at a young age for sure But it was never specifically for children. Sure, there were animated shows in the 70s, but that's a continuation of the original 1966 series. The brand-new program, Prodigy, was designed with kids in mind. Especially those who may not know anything about Star Trek.

Although the show won't appear on Paramount+ until the end of the month,

fans got a sneak peek of the first episode, “Lost Found,” during New York Comic Con last weekend. It introduced us to our main character. A diverse group of aliens are trapped in a remote mining colony and forced to mine in search of a mysterious reward.

It's a pretty scary situation for a kid's show, but one that doesn't last long – this is Star Trek after all, and part of the franchise's ethos is exploration.To make this series as beginner-friendly as possible Connections to the wider Trek universe are thus kept to a minimum. We don't even know what species our protagonist Dal is.

It's a wonderful feeling to keep the show in line with the franchise,

even though the new setting and animation style spawns science fiction programs like Star Wars: Rebels and Farscape. Show for kids as well But its role in filling in the details of the rise of the Rebel Alliance and its pathetic feel make it a fun watch for adults,

while older Trekkies might want to follow Prodigy for those relationships with more continuity. The sequence of actions is clear and the initial storyline is serious enough to keep adult newcomers engaged. It's a good introduction to franchises for both kids and adults. It is a must-have when there are more than 800 chapters to read.